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Having broad experience and a deep knowledge-base in various corporations, fields of engineering and design, product-types, and global industries, are paramount when it comes to providing guidance, insight, and confident direction expected by those corporations seeking these skills from a company with a new vision for business improvement facilitation.

QCD Technology has spent the past 25 years in providing various positions ranging from Senior Engineering, Project Management, technical, supervision, manufacturing processes, test programming, to senior-level consulting in ERP system implementations, Product Lifecycle Management, and Business Rules design and implementation. Product applications and system experience includes Oracle's Agile PLM, and legacy systems MatrixOne, IFS-Industrial and Financial Systems, and QAD’s Mfg/Pro.

QCD Technology has over 15 years of involvement with both high-end commercial/industrial and military electronics manufacturing, including many specific project and product responsibilities. Military project participation included laser-guided bomb design and manufacture from concept through to the finished missile product. QCD Technology has also provided senior engineering at the SECRET clearance level, and shipboard and aviation electronics support for NAVSEA. Commercial electronics projects included products focused on the large-scale distributed process control market.

Consulting PLM engagements include major medical device manufacturers, large industrial equipment and plastics injection molding industries, a PLM engagement to design a complete Engineering Change System for a security systems electronics division of Philips, and an Agile PLM implementation for a Philips Semiconductor manufacturing division.

Broad regulatory and Spec experience includes MIL/ISO-9000, TQM/TQC method certification, Military DCAS interface; FAR, NIST, OSHA, and UL compliance, Agile PLM Certified Training, and multiple 21 CFR Part 11 implementations in PLM solutions.


  • Expertise in reviewing Agile PLM implementations after initial years of use to provide unconventional and innovative ideas for increased ROI. (Request an Agile PLM "Health Checkup")

  • Other major support methods include interviewing application and system users to develop additional business process improvements, improved detailed searches, and special report customizations.

  • Evaluate existing workflows to suggest enhancements and improve existing processes. Able to reveal Change Control bottlenecks, and provide test metrics as proof of concept prior to implementation.

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