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Oracle Agile PLM Services include Senior Architect and Administrator level support of daily administration of the Oracle Agile PLM Suite of applications, and the configuration management of both Development (Test) and Production environments.

Experience in Agile PLM Releases from 8.5 and to 9.2.x, 9.3, 9.3.0.x, 9.3.1.x, 9.3.2, 9.3.3, 9.3.4, 9.3.5, 9.3.6

Agile PLM Modules include:

  • PC - Product Collaboration -  Contains and controls the "Single Source of Truth" of your product universe.

  • PQM - Product Quality Management - Unifies product quality data in one record across the complete product value chain.

  • PPM - Product Portfolio Management - Simplifies project and product management with a single integrated view

  • PCM - Product Cost Management - Extends sourcing strategies across both internal and external new productproduct costing processes

  • PG&C - Product Governance and Compliance - Tracks and maintains full compliance with REACH, RoHS, WEEE, JEDEC, China RoHS, and Japanese Green Initiative

  • EC- Engineering Collaboration - Controls intellectual property more reliably and increases accuracy of design information enabling collaboration across the entire product value chain

  • PLA - Product Lifecycle Analytics - Provides actionable insight into each stage of the product lifecycle to allow fact-based product program decisions aligned to company goals

Administrator expertise is provided and based on first-hand Best-Practice principles and methodology in your Oracle Agile PLM system administration and configuration management.

Project management expertise through Discovery meetings and deep-dive investigation of your existing "AS-IS" product development (NPI), product lifecycles, Part and BOM management, Change Control, document management, and front-to-back business processes, leads to a proposed "TO-BE" total business process solution.

Typical services include:

  • Administration of user privileges and process workflows within an Oracle Agile PLM system and the

  • Execution of configuration management processes and controls for managing and tracking of configuration changes at the document and product level

  • Ensuring company policies and procedures are implemented in accordance with industry standards, regulations, and customer requirements

  • Oracle Agile workflow creation and maintenance

  • Creating, modifying, and/or deleting Users and User privileges in Oracle Agile creating a solid security model for Corporate and Intellectual Property protection

  • Monitoring Oracle Agile system integrations with Oracle EBS enterprise systems

  • Identification of configuration of  Items and maintaining of system, doument, and product BOM baselines

  • Management of Business Change Request (BCR) Packages from creation to implementation by using the defined BCR workflow to manage the system architecture for audit requirements and Business process control

  • Coordinating BCR evaluation and implementation within cross-functional teams

  • Measuring and publishing Administration response time to BCR evaluation and implementation KPIs.

  • Performing of operational configuration verification across all PLM instances, from TEST to PRODUCTION, to ensure business process compliance based upon corporate IT processes for updating, patching, and hotfixes for Agile PLM, based upon awareness of Oracle Release information.

  • Management and control of proprietary data in accordance with all Regulations, Limited rights, and/or company standards.

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