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Automates your AP Department and Monetizes payments to vendors

Increases efficiency and reduces fraud

Transforms AP Departments into Profit Centers

➢ $30M in annual revenue; $10M/yr in Payables
➢ $5M in annual revenue for Golf and Country Clubs; approximately $1.5M/yr in Payables

➢ Turns Accounts Payable departments into profit centers by generating rebates on vendor payments
➢ Automates payments to vendors, thereby improving corporate efficiency
➢ Allows companies to use existing bank accounts and accounting software
➢ No cost to the company


All industries, with a strong industry focus in:

○ Media
○ Hospitality
○ Property Management
○ Golf and Country Clubs
○ Telecom and Oil, Gas, and Energy
○ Healthcare
○ Manufacturing
○ Business Services and e-Commerce


If your company, or if you know a company that meets the requirements, contact
Wayne Stephany at 610-909-8613 or

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