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Now offering these leading-edge, cost saving business solutions with

Our solutions address inflation companies are currently facing, profitability, and skyrocketing expenses.
These services are at no cost to you.

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SHIPPING SOLUTIONS - $2M+ annual shipping spend
~Creates for companies in ALL industries operational efficiencies and actual cost savings

~Save an average of 10% to 20% through optimized carrier strategies and improved accuracy through automation

~Specializes in a customized approach, configuring each system to meet the needs of the individual shipper


COMMERCIAL PAYMENTS - $30M in annual revenue; $10M/yr in Payables

~Automates your AP Department and Monetizes payments to vendors

~Increases efficiency and reduces fraud

~Transforms AP Departments into Profit Centers


CREDIT CARD PROCESSING AUDIT - $250k/yr in credit card processing across all locations

~Reduces payment processing expenses and protects against future rate increases

~Ensures rates are optimized while monitoring ongoing rates/fees

~Maintains existing vendor relationships

~Audits are conducted at no cost and clients experience an average of 28% reduction in their processing costs

“SAME-DAY PAY” System - 200+ employees

~Helps employees with unexpected financial challenges between pay periods

~Allows employers to offer employees a suite of financial services at no cost to employer - A Hiring/Retention Benefit!

~Enables access to funds easily, securely and affordably on any digital device

MEDICAL UNDERPAYMENTS AUDIT - $50M annual revenue / Organizations that handle medical procedures

~Analyzes and recovers under-billing that is being underpaid by insurance providers

~Average recovery is 22%!    These  audits have found noncompliance and underpayments for 100% of our clients

~Fully compliant proprietary system uses AI and analyzes contracts/billings files using unique, custom-written algorithms

SPECIALIZED TAX SAVINGS - Hires at least one employee/year and/or has physical locations
~Offers access to hundreds of tax incentives that every company can benefit from

~Provides a proprietary TMS platform that puts the power of funding directly into the hands of the client

~With one login, companies access hundreds of tax credits and incentives that the system will qualify, track, and claim


If your company, or if you know a company that meets the requirements, contact
Wayne Stephany at 610-909-8613 or

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