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Helps employees with unexpected financial challenges between pay periods

Allows employers to offer employees a suite of financial services at no cost to employer

A Hiring/Retention Benefit!

Enables access to funds easily, securely and affordably on any digital device

➢ US (50 states) Puerto Rico & US Territories
➢ 200+ employees

➢ Provides a digital consumer financial services platform that facilitates employee access and use of their
money anytime and anywhere
➢ Gives employees access to up to 50% of their earned wages before pay-day
Improves employee retention, reducing turnover costs
➢ Employer-provided financial wellness employee benefits program
Helps recruit new employees
No cost to the employer; free implementation and onboarding
➢ This Paycard solution innovates how and when employees get paid and offers features and benefits not
available with other paycards including:

○ Up to 100% acceptance and 100% instant enrollment
○ No Credit Check
○ Embedded Pay Any-Day (Earned Wage Access product)
○ Instant Send Money
○ Instand Bill Pay
○ No-Fee Visa Card
○ Two No-Fee ATM withdrawals per month

Available to all industries. Sample industries include:

➢ Retail
➢ Manufacturing
➢ QSR (Quick Service Restaurants)
➢ State Governments, Cities, and Municipalities
➢ School Districts
➢ Nonprofit organizations
➢ Healthcare
➢ Construction
➢ Bus Companies

If your company, or if you know a company that meets the requirements, contact
Wayne Stephany at 610-909-8613 or

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