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Offers access to hundreds of tax incentives that can benefit every company

Provides a proprietary TMS platform that puts the power of funding directly into the hands of the client

With one login, companies access hundreds of tax credits and incentives that the system will qualify, track, and claim

➢ Hires at least one employee/year and/or has physical locations
➢ US-only

➢ Provides a Tax Management System that gives companies access to hundreds of tax incentives
➢ Uses existing client assets (locations and employees) to search, process, and claim tax credits
➢ Maintains, manages, and processes job, candidate, employee, and human resources-related
tasks, policies, and data
Nominal monthly cost

Potential Users Include:
➢ Any commercial property owner
➢ Every employer
Cost Segregation: Apartment Complexes, Assisted Living, Auto Dealerships, Hotels, Manufacturers, Medical Offices, Property Management
Research & Development: Manufacturing, Fabrication, Software Development, Engineering, Architecture, Food & Beverage, Farming & Agriculture
Work Opportunity Tax Credit: Restaurants, Staffing Companies, Medical, Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Auto


If your company, or if you know a company that meets the requirements, contact
Wayne Stephany at 610-909-8613 or

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